The JOOMMF project aims to integrate the popular micromagnetic simulation package OOMMF with Python and Jupyter Notebook. It is currently under development at the University of Southampton by Marijan Beg, Ryan A. Pepper, and Hans Fangohr.

We acknowledge the support from Thomas Kluyver, David Cortes, Mark Vousden, and Rebecca Carey with testing and improvements of both the software and the webpages.

JOOMMF is a part of the Horizon 2020 European Research Infrastructure project OpenDreamKit (Project ID 676541).


The use of Python allows non-specialist programmers to quickly get up to speed and run micromagnetic simulations.

Based on powerful OOMMF  

OOMMF is parallelised using OpenMP, allowing users to take advantage of multiple processors on shared-memory machines.

Cross Platform  

Runs on major operating systems: Linux, OS X, and Windows.

To learn more, check the Get Started section

Currently, JOOMMF is still in early development, which means that changes may happen rapidly and backwards compatibility may be broken.

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