Get Started

Getting Started with JOOMMF

The JOOMMF project is working towards a system that allows to run, postprocess and analyse micromagnetic simulations within the Jupyter Notebook.

At the moment (late 2016), we have a beta prototype of a Python interface to OOMMF. This interface is called OOMMFC. The C stands for Calculator: we use OOMMF as a micromagnetic calculator: the actual micromagnetic computation is done by OOMMF, and the OOMMFC python module provides a high level interface to this.

Installation overview

To use OOMMFC, you need a working installation of OOMMF. This can either be compiled on the computer. Or you can use a ‘Docker installation’ of OOMMF.

In addition to that, you need to install the OOMMFC package itself, which is written in Python (and thus you need a Python distribution installed).

The best starting point are the installation instructions that are part of the OOMMFC Documentation.