Requests for help, features, contributions, ...

I have a query on some aspect of using the JOOMMF project

Option 1: Use Github issues

Our preferred way of recording questions, issues and bug requests is via Github issues: Create an issue at

We use this as the central point for queries relating to the Python interface to OOMMF, OOMMFC, and in later stages of the project to the Jupyter Notebook integration and data analysis.

(You need a github account for this.)

Option 2: Use our mailing list

Alternatively, join the google group joommf-users.

How To Cite

How to cite the software?

To cite the use of OOMMFC, please cite:

User interfaces for computational science: a domain specific language for OOMMF embedded in Python, Marijan Beg, Ryan A. Pepper, Hans Fangohr, AIP Advances 7, 056025 (2017);

Where can I find ...?

Where is the code?


Currently (late 2016), the most interesting package for users is

Where is the documentation?

The documentation of OOMMFC is available at

Have you got a mailing list?

We have two: we use joommf-news to announce new releases (low frequency).

We offer joommf-users for discussions.

For support queries, we prefer Github issues submitted from

How is the code structured?

The project is broken into several independent toolkits:

  • oommfc : a low-level Python wrapper for running OOMMF simulations

  • oommffield: a Python module for reading, writing and plotting OMF files, outputted by OOMMF and other micromagnetics packages

  • oommfodt: a Python module which allows users to load ODT files into Pandas DataFrames